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Gunārs Nāgels June A bar of blue soap for washing clothes, bought in Rīga on June 14,as deportations began from Soviet-occupied Latvia. Photo by Gunārs Nāgels Today I will be telling you a story about a piece of soap and the washing away of crimes. We all know why we are here today, so I do not need to try and impress you with a range of terrible statistics, but they will come anyway. However, numbers are just numbers, and they often take our thoughts away from the individuals who these numbers represent.

But even the numbers do not tell us the full story. Landfrend nopelnīt naudu tiešsaistē have all been affected in some way, even if we have not opciju biļetens had the pleasure of a free trip to Siberia.

And the effect on our nations, even today, is immense. The 14th of June,was in many ways a day much the same as any other in the previous 11 months. My mother was working as a dietician at the Second City Hospital in Rīga, and living landfrend nopelnīt naudu tiešsaistē too far away.

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As she was walking to work, she was surprised to see a large number of trucks transporting people somewhere. And the people being transported were waving to her. While at work, she received a phone call from her foster sister, informing her that her foster brother, Jānis Raiska, had been arrested together with his wife, Elga, and sent to Siberia.

Fortunately, their two children were spending the summer in the country, and so were not arrested. As my mother had been a member of the nationalist Aizsardzes organisation, and my father was a member of a student fraternity, she was convinced that they would be included in the next round of arrests.

What does a Latvian woman with an almost 2-month-old child do under these circumstances?

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What what you do? She prepares for the journey, by packing a suitcase.

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Of course, we all now know that my sister would not have survived the trip, just as many infants did not survive the journey that began on the 14th of June. And I would not be here today to tell you about it. Fortunately, the German army came and forestalled any further Soviet deportations until the return of the Red Army towards the end of the war. But she also did something else.

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She went out and bought a bar of soap. And this is it. See photo.

This is the bar of soap that my mother bought in preparation for being sent to a slave labour camp or extermination camp in Siberia. The best quality blue soap for washing clothes. Brieger, Riga. And my mother survived, bringing this bar of Siberian soap all the way to Australia.

It is a reminder that fate is convoluted and unpredictable.

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It is also an example of the attitude of resignation that the Baltic people have shown too often, only rarely interspersed with short periods of decisive action in aid of the survival of our peoples and of our countries.

As a well-loved police chief of a small town, he was warned in advance to make himself scarce for a few days in June. However, he replied that he had nothing to fear, as he had done no wrong.

Mans hobijs ir veco tempļu apmeklēšana. My hobby is visiting old temples. Copy Report an error Viņa sieva, viņa bērns, nepieciešamība nopelnīt naudu bija viņa pestīšana - būtiska, pazemīga, ikdienas kārta, došanās uz darbu, pacientu apmeklēšana. His wife, his child, the need to earn money, were his salvation - the essential, the humble, the daily round, going to work, visiting patients. Attendance is kind of mandatory at my house.

At least he sent his family to safety away from the town, but he himself was arrested and sent to Siberia, where he died in the Vyatka slave labour camp less than a year later. These stories may be repeated with actual names not tenfold, not a hundred-fold, not a thousandfold, but at least tenthousand-fold times.

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Each of these names accuses the perpetrators of this evil. And each name equally accuses all who condoned this evil, and who still today deny that this was evil. The three Baltic countries were formally allies of the Soviet Union, allowing the establishment of sizeable Soviet military bases in their territories in The bases in Estonia were even used for the bombing of Helsinki in the Winter War of The three Baltic countries had differing responses to the Soviet demand to be allowed military bases, but all three acquiesced, thus sealing their fate, as this made their territories almost indefensible.

This quiet acquiescence is all the more surprising and worrying, as all three governments would have known of the events of the previous few years in the Soviet Union. Here I shall make the first departure from my statement about statistics, because this is one that is not so well known.

Of the approximatelyLatvians living in the Soviet Union, almost half disappeared as the result of the so called Latvian Operation of This was genocide, pure and simple. Imagine them all three filled to capacity—that was more or less the total number of Latvians living in the Soviet Union in Now image all the people in the Sydney Football Stadium killed and all the people in the Paramatta Stadium killed, and for good measure, a couple of thousand people in the Olympic Stadium as well.

That is what happened in And knowing this, the three Baltic countries demonstrated their usual attitude of resignation by agreeing to the stationing of Soviet troops in their territory in And continued this resignation by surrendering their countries in The events landfrend nopelnīt naudu tiešsaistē June 14,are just a logical continuation of the foregoing.

This is not the time for a detailed discussion of the resistance movement, but I can mention that large parts of it were sabotaged by the British double agent Kim Philby, who passed information on the Baltic resistance to his Soviet contacts.

A lot of people died because of his actions.

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In the West, actions were mostly in terms of words. But on the odd occasion, some form of direct action was implemented, but in a comparatively mild way.

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We can guess that the date of the following news item is significant. Windows Are Smashed.

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Sergeant J. Browne, and Constables S. McInernie, D. Leach, and A. Mason, were patrolling the area when they heard the sound of breaking glass. The men were taken to Darlinghurst Police Station and charged with landfrend nopelnīt naudu tiešsaistē malicious damage to property.

Police said that it was the second time within a few days that windows in the building had been smashed. The perpetrators landfrend nopelnīt naudu tiešsaistē not named in the newspaper article. If any of them are present today, or if anybody can disclose who they were, I would be interested in hearing from them.

This incident also raises some questions: how could they be so unlucky as to be caught in the act, why was there such a large patrol four policemen and who smashed the window a few days earlier? In any case, this is more an example of impotent lashing out, than of any serious rage.

The Latvian resignation continued during the even larger deportations of Again, during a time of peace, allegedly. Wars are not unusual and genocide, or attempts at genocide, are not unusual. One country, or one landfrend nopelnīt naudu tiešsaistē, feels entitled to liquidate another nation. This can come as the culmination of a long build-up, with the ground being prepared by manipulation of public opinion.

Or it can be a sudden turn-around, where once friendly neighbours suddenly turn on each other, usually inspired by outside forces.

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And once it starts, it is very difficult to stop. Genocide is a crime against humanity.

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Murder is a crime. How do we weigh the relative moral culpability? And who do we landfrend nopelnīt naudu tiešsaistē when a prevalent version of history is called into question? Let us be clear in one thing. The Soviet Union perpetrated a crime of enormous magnitude against the people of the Baltic republics.

Do we call it genocide, do we call it mass murder? Apparently, he was already preparing the ground for the later attempt at annihilating the Jewish race.

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At about the same time, the seeds of the annihilation of the Latvian race were being sown in Russia. A certain V. There are not, and never have been amongst Latvians any people of stature, which is why these people are a grey mass. Even educated Latvians are just as low in their souls and their spiritual development as any Bashkirs and Kirgizes, to whom they are blood relations.

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Latvians are such, and remain such, not only in their homeland Russia, but also overseas, where they have emigrated of their own free will, both individually and in small colonies. Everywhere and always Latvians are called blockheads. This nation has no poetry, no literature, no music… Chinese — they are Mongols, almost similar to Latvians in every respect… So we see that both these nations belong to the most evil in the world, and are closer to beasts than to humans.

These quotes appear in a very interesting book written and published in Riga in by Kristaps Bachmanis, who was the representative of Latvia in Kiev during the Russian Civil War. It is called in translation Latvians in the Ukraine during During the First World War when Germany super bināro opciju diagramma occupied all of Latvia, aboutLatvians left Latvian territory and became refugees in Russia, partly because of forced removal from their homes by the Russian army, partly of their own free will.

Let us remember that at least half of the population of Kurzeme, the western province of Latvia, was displaced by force or free will.

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The statement of the Latvian National Council of March claimed that about 70 percent of the inhabitants of Latvia had left their homeland, that of theinhabitants of the Kurzeme region onlywere left in Kurzeme, and of the half a million inhabitants of the capital, Rīga, onlywere left. The First World War, the Russian Civil War and the Baltic wars of independence were demographic disasters for the Baltic people, but at least they led to our independence.

This happened inand is usually a bit of a surprise, even to people who know quite a bit about our history.

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The response of the Latvian government of Kārlis Ulmanis was to announce that a state of war exists between Latvia and Germany. The German army was soon forced out of Latvia and Lithuania, but not before it had managed to burn down in revenge the palace of the Duke of Courland and many other buildings of great cultural significance in Jelgava or Mitau on the 20th of November, The important archives of the dukes of Courland were destroyed.

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At the same time, the Germans left with three goods wagons filled with the archives of the Courland knights. As another sidenote, I can add that Russia was the first country that legally recognised Latvian independence. Latvia had earlier officially been at war with Germany. All three Baltic countries had quietly acquiesced to the establishment of large Russian or Soviet military bases in their territories.